Testimonials from Sally’s patients and their families

I am getting great results – more so then any other acupuncturist and she has been in practice for 3 decades. Very experienced and she doesn’t do formulaic treatments.

Through her acupuncture treatments, Sally Boutte has brought me peace and tranquility through balance and harmony.  As she facilitates the movement of energy, my body, mind, and spirit follow the journey of transformation.  Sally is truly a blessing!


I went to Sally when I was in a rehab program for drug addiction (cocaine).  I didn’t feel anything from the treatments so I stopped going.  Then I found my cravings were back!  I saw even though I didn’t think the treatments did anything, they helped me not to use (cocaine). Now I have six months of clean time for the first time in many years.  It worked.


My wife had ovarian cancer.  Sally Boutte helped support her through her chemo and radiation.  It helped a lot.  She was able to eat and stay more positive.  My wife died but Sally was there to help her through to the end.


I was very depressed and taking Prozac.  After some treatments I could get in touch with my feelings.  I realized I was very angry about the way I was being treated by my boyfriend.  I stopped the Prozac, got mad and kicked him out!


I have Menier’s Disease.  I hear loud noises in my ears like a hissing radiator and I have nystigmus (eyes shake).  After acupuncture my balance was much better, I had more energy and could once again read a newspaper, all things I had lost from my illness.


I came to Sally to see if she could help me get pregnant.  My partner and I had tried in vitro  fertilization a number of times and we felt this would be our last try.  I thought it couldn’t harm to have some acupuncture first.  I saw Sally for about three months.  She told me she thought we were really making progress and then I had my in vitro and was pregnant.  My son is two years old now.  I was 39 at the time of treatment.  I am very grateful for Sally’s help.


I live in a hospital for brain injured people.  I had a head injury when I was a baby.  I had headaches all my life.  Sally treated me and now I don’t have them any more.


I was trying to finish my PhD dissertation while coping with a death in my family. The combined stress and sorrow manifested as a constant and frightening sensation of a lump in my throat.  After my doctor could not identify any physical cause, I worried that I was just going to be stuck with the condition for the foreseeable future.  But Sally immediately recognized my symptoms within the context of Chinese medicine and was able to provide lasting relief with several sessions of acupuncture.